Every new child receives a visit at home from a member of our staff and the Pre-school Leader. This gives us the chance to get to know more about your child in their own home environment and can make a very big difference to how they feel about coming to the Pre-school.

Children are welcome to attend some taster sessions in the weeks before starting and parents/carers are encouraged to accompany them. These mornings are aimed at giving your child a gentle introduction to the people and the Pre-school environment and a chance for the parents to help ensure their child is happy and confident.

A child who is anxious or unhappy will not be able to play or learn properly so we are keen to work closely with parents/carers to ensure your child feels happy and secure.

Please note that we also run a baby and toddler group at the Pre-school on Monday mornings (10am to 11:30am term time) which is great opportunity for your child to get used to the environment of of he Pre-school before they are old enough to attend.


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